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A&B Nutrients

Supplying both domestic and international markets, A&B Nutrients has been a trusted producer of fertilisers and hydroponic nutrient solutions since 1988. Every formulation is designed for specifically for our client's needs, maximising both yield and quality.

Today, A&B Nutrients not only suppliers commercial growers with professional strength fertilizers, but now also domestic gardeners seeking nothing less than the best.


In 1980, father and son, Joe and Michael Agius, established the first commercial scale hydroponic farm in Australia. Things were not easy at first, but over the years they developed a deep understanding of the nutritional needs of various crops and plant varieties. In 1988 Michael began to share this expertise, producing nutrient solutions tailored to the needs of other farmers, greatly improving their quality and productivity.

Our professional strength fertiliser can now also be found in selected stores, for the domestic gardener looking to have the greenest thumb in the neighbourhood. 


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